Looking for Family Friendly Hotels? Here’s Five of Them

Staying at the right hotel can be a difficult decision, especially if you have families with you. You can use 24hr car rental service to get you to the hotel, and maybe you can get to check in earlier, but then you find out that there are no places for your children to go, or no activities that you can do together. One thing that you can do is check out our list of the top family hotels that you can check into, relax, and have fun with the entire family.

How We Chose:

The list was chosen from hotel chains with more than ten branches across the country. Selection was based on the following criteria:

  • Number of branches
  • Kid specific amenities and activities
  • Adult specific amenities and activities
  • Family specific amenities and activities

However, it should be said that not all branches carry the same services, so it is suggested that you ask the front desk first if such amenities, activities, or programs are available. It may also be possible that said services may no longer be available at the time of printing.

Holiday Inn

Rooms are partitioned to accommodate both parents and children in a single area. Sports activities such as golf and swimming are available, as well as playrooms where children can play with video games as well as more conventional toys. During peak season and during holidays, special activities such as scavenger hunts are organized and family participation is always encouraged.


Select branches allow for kids under 12 to eat and stay for free, while parents can enjoy a relaxing day at the spa or have a romantic picnic. Baby-sitters can also be rented so that parents can spend some quality time alone. An exceptional example of family friendly activity can be found at Wyndham’s Florida branch where families can enjoy breakfast with their favorite Disney characters.


Their hotels are totally accessible by driving, over 200 branches being available nationwide. Kids are provided with a welcome pack which contains toys and other cool stuff. Most sites can also provide cribs, books, toys, as well as a discount for discounted tours of attractions and activities near the vicinity.


Sheraton Hotels have over 200 branches that can be found all over America, and while all are considered as family friendly, their hotel resorts go the extra mile. Activities include spas, tennis, golf, hiking, and dances. Their Colorado site also allows kids to go skiing during the winter and kart racing during the summer.


Loews Hotels provide free stays for children under 18 years of age. They also provide child beds and childproofing kids for those with toddlers and infants. There are various playrooms and activities available as well. Some rooms even have a huge tub that the entire family can share and enjoy.

These are just some of the family friendly hotels that you can find. There are probably a lot more out there that you can reach via 24hr car rental service, which allow you to enjoy your stay as much as possible without bothering about tranportation.

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